Since the first episode of The MFCEO Project in 2015, you have been interested in the books I read and recommend. You’ve also demonstrated a voracious appetite for getting everything you can out of life.  I get e-mails and DM's all the time from people asking me what they should read next.

Since you've helped make us one of the top-rated business and success podcasts in the world, I put together some of my top picks in a list for you.

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Andy Frisella Book List
There's a million business books out there ... 
I know what you are thinking ... "there are a ton of business books out there to choose from. Where do I start?"

Over the last 10 years, I've made it a point to make sure I read a book a week.  It keeps my mind sharp, it gets ideas going in my head, and most of all it keeps me focussed and motivated on my businesses. I've curated the best of the best right here in this list for you ... and access to it is FREE!

You'll get to read to my thoughts, reviews, and feedback on the books I'm reading this month ... and all my reviews and feedback from previous months. It's like trolling my bookshelf right from the comfort of your laptop or phone!
  •  My targeted reviews and thoughts on the best business books I've read and the most important concepts I've gleaned from each.
  •   Complete access to all the previous month's book lists so you can go back and see if anything there is pertinent to your brand.
  •  Access to a new list each month ... so you can stay sharp in ahead in business and life!  Once you're in the club, you're in the club!
  •  Troll my personal library right from the comfort of your laptop or phone.
I hope what you read in these motivates you to set huge, unmanageable goals; to execute your plans; and to kill it every day of your life! Now after you finish reading everything on the list I send you ... Let me know and I'll send you some more!